Watch how big business contributes to obesity in America - America’s obesity problem is economic, where big business makes unhealthy food ADDICTIVE. America’s overweight people consume 50% more food, and big business likes this. Big business studies Americans like lab rats to increase consumption (and obesity). Know that the wellness industry, which is about healing and fitness, differs from the sickness industry, which treats symptoms. Big media gives gross disinformation on healthy living - they prefer you remain fat for their profit. And here’s a fast food secret: your brain doesn’t tell your body until 15 minutes later you’ve eaten enough, so if you’re sitting there eating up a storm at a fast food place, you’ve probably eaten too much. The older you are, the less likely big media and the fast food industry will fool you with their disinformation about what is good for you and what is not.

Ignorance And Misinformation Is More Dangerous Than Terrorism

"The world is engaged in the most difficult and trying struggle in its long history. All of the great epics which have torn the world for the last 2,000 years pale in comparison to the great ideological gulf which separates us from those who oppose us. It is our responsibility not merely to denounce our enemies and those who make themselves our enemies but to make this system work, to demonstrate what freedom can do, what those who are committed to freedom and the future can do.” -John F. Kennedy, 7 days before his assassination.

Hi!!!  My writings will be a continuation of Robert Kyosaki’s teachings on financial education.  He coined the term “Your House Is Not An Asset”.  Boy was that ever true from 2006 on to now.  6 years of lower home prices and still too many homes on the market.  A shadow inventory that is in the millions.  If we enter into a new recession and unemployment jumps we will be talking even more.  Cities like Detroit and Cleveland are simply bulldozing homes down to get rid of the blight they cause in some neighborhoods.  

He also says that mutual funds are bad investments.  When you consider the fees associated with mutual funds and the roller coaster ride the market has had over the last 12 years this is most certainly true.  There are exceptions of course.  Smarter people financially have been able to find good returns on their money over the same period by investing in so called alternative investments.  These include things like Managed Futures, LLC Partnerships, Residential Rental Property and Mortgages.  The problem with these types of investments is that you need to be what is called an ‘accredited investor’. 

The people of America and for that matter the entire western world have been deceived by their governments and lied to about their retirement ever since the Great Depression.  In this country Social Security was not passed to provide Americans pensions for 20 years or provide so called disabled people with benefits for life.  It was conceived in order to solve a problem during the depression of too many elderly people dying on the streets.  As an emerging super power that was bad for society to have such a high rate of homeless elderly people.

Social Security and other public pensions are the largest ponzi schemes in history.  They make Bernie Madoff look like a preschooler.  It is funny that the first public pension was invented in Prussia in the late 1880’s.  They had a retirement age of 70 years old.  At that time in Prussia the average life expectancy was 45 years.  In the case of the Prussians this was a way to get the populace to be servants of the government by involvement in the military and other government programs.  

Beware of government that comes bearing gifts.  Pension programs and other social service programs are a needed part of government, but not to the extent to which they have been perverted.  Take a look at the data since Johnson’s Great Society program.  Welfare that was created then has completely ruined the African American family.  There’s a higher percentage of Black men in jail than there is living with the mother of their child or children. This shows that although a program is enacted for the good of a few it ends up hurting the masses.  

I do not want to sound like I am starting an anti-government rant here because I am not.  I am simply trying to convey that the financial education we give ourselves has a great impact on our future and the future of our country.  The greatest threat to American dominance in the world is not terrorism, not the Chinese and not the Iranians.  It is ignorance and the downward spiral ignorance creates in a society.  Ignorance creates a less moral society.  Without morals a society starts to implode on itself.  Rome is your classic example and there’s not a better example in history.  Arrogance and ignorance defeated Rome, not the barbarian hoards.

Dr. Oz On Glutathione

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Almost every major disease is associated with low levels of glutathione. Glutathione (GSH) is your body's master antioxidant. It is a small molecule produced naturally in the body if the required building blocks are available. Glutathione strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body, fights intracellular inflammation, and neutralizes numerous types of free radicals. Toxins and free radicals damage your cells thereby accelerating the aging process along and making you more susceptible to ailments and other issues associated with aging.

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